I’ve been a resident of Fort Collins since moving here with my family in 2015. After moving, I quickly got involved with the community and political environment. One of the things I love the most about living here is how the community is committed to the city and the city is committed to creating a better place to live for all citizens. I am excited to continue playing a role in this!

I grew up in a small town in Georgia before moving to Waco, Texas for school. I graduated with a degree in psychology. In Waco, I met and married my wife, Allison, and we loved the city so we decided to stay and plant our roots there. We jumped in to our local community by both volunteering, me working at our local church and her in the school system as a social worker. During this time, we also had the opportunity to work in ten different countries, which, gave us an international perspective and a gratitude for the ideals of the United States and our government. In Waco, I worked with families and did business consulting for a number of organizations before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in government.

After our first two kids were born, Allison and I decided to move our family to Fort Collins. I became the executive pastor of a local church, managing all of their business operations as well as developing staff and families in the church. Shortly after we moved, Allison became pregnant with our third child and we’re so proud that he’s a native Coloradoan! During this time, I also became involved in triathlons, completing in multiple 70.3 Ironmans.

Throughout my life I’ve had a passion for government and the political system. After years of contemplating a political run,  Allison and I decided now was the right time. I feel confident that I can represent District 2 with years of experience scaling systems for incremental and rapid growth that will serve our city well. The prospect of growing together with such a dynamic city excites me. I’m thrilled about the opportunity to impact our community and city together with you.