There are four primary areas I will evaluate when making decisions: your voice, our economy, our environment, and our quality of life. Take a look below for some specific thoughts I have on each of these areas that impacts our city. Additionally, my responses for various questionnaires which give answers on specific issues are listed at the bottom.

Your Voice.png


It’s not about who has the loudest voice but what the facts really say. I will listen to the real needs and evaluate real data. I am an independent thinker that cares about your future. As a young adult family with young children in Midtown and parents in Fort Collins, I am in touch with the lives of people throughout our community.

Economic Development.png


The business community is the fabric and part of the DNA of Fort Collins. Continued economic development is key to the success of our small business (mom and pop shops) community. We must support small businesses, primary employers, and new businesses to thrive in Fort Collins. Maintaining the integrity of what people love about Fort Collins is important.



Maintaining Colorado’s natural areas, grounds and beauty are essential to our quality of life. If you elect me, I will continue the protection of our environment while being mindful of our need for fiscal responsibility.

Affordable Housing.png


I am committed to building affordable homes for the homeless, families in transition who need assistance in this journey, as well as families moving here to work in the city. Through continued partnerships with the City of Fort Collins and organizations like Home Builders, Colorado State University, Poudre School District, and other non-profit groups like Project Self-Sufficiency, Neighbor to Neighbor and Catholic Charities, we can get people into homes in Fort Collins. Keeping the workforce in Fort Collins helps us with our goals for a clean environment, less vehicle miles traveled, and a healthy community.



365 Transfort service is necessary to keep and build upon with increased routes and headway time. Budget will dictate how quickly this grows based on the “Building On Basics” budget process. This election cycle is crucial to dictate how “Keep Fort Collins Great” will continue to affect our budget and our city.

Public Safety.png


When a community does not feel safe, everything else begins to crumble. Safety is one of the foundations of all these other issues. We need a sustainable fire and police department. I believe in a strong need to protect the Poudre river and the river corridor, while addressing our need for a sustainable water supply (i.e. such as Halligen Reservoir, keeping the Pleasant Valley pipeline functional, along with adequate water supply to Horsetooth Reservoir).